‘I watched a lot of their games’: Rodrigo Bentacur speaks about his admiration for Lampard

Juventus midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur has spoken about his admiration for Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Sergio Busquets.

It is no surprise to hear that Lampard has been an inspiration for a lot of players, especially midfielders.

The Chelsea legend is renowned for his goal-scoring ability from midfield, scoring over 300 times in his playing career.

Lampard still holds Chelsea’s all-time top-scoring record with 211 goals and is fifth in Premier League history with 177 goals – the only midfielder in the top 15.

Juventus’s Bentancur is one of those who took inspiration from the Chelsea manager, admitting that he studied Lampard’s games.

He told Juventus’s official website: “As a kid I admired Lampard and Gerrard who played half-wing, and as a ‘regista’ I always liked Busquets.

“I have watched a lot of their videos and games and it has helped me to learn.”

The Uruguay international said he enjoys playing multiple roles in midfield.

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“I feel comfortable in the role of a ‘regista’, but in midfield, I like every role; mazz’ala, or in front of the defence.

“Since he arrived, (Maurizio) Sarri has always shown me his trust, and I have tried to repay it, but I still have to improve a lot.”

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