Lampard confirms Chelsea stars will have no Christmas party this year

Frank Lampard confirms Chelsea will have no Christmas party this year

According to The Mirror, Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has revealed that the club will not be having a Christmas party this year.

The Blues boss’ comments are in line given that we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Lampard will also remind the players of their responsibilities and ensure there are no private parties over the festive period.

“I’d better read up on the tier system — there are certain factual things about tiers that a lot of us have doubts about.”

“I will reiterate to them their responsibilities. I think the Christmas party thing of yesteryear has mellowed now anyway.”

Lampard also went on to add that parties have mellowed down over the last few years. He referenced this to the parties he has attended in the past.

With a heavy festive schedule to negotiate, Lampard will need his players to be careful and adhere to safety standards. The last thing we want right now if for players to be ruled out due to issues that could have been prevented.

Lampard has reminded players of their social responsibility (Getty Images)

Moreover as role models, Lampard has urged his stars to not forget their responsibilities.


“Responsibilities for players are big, as role models to the outside world, for their professional careers, to do the right thing particularly when they are playing so frequently over Christmas.”

Cancelling the party is a lost bonding opportunity for the Blues. Thanks to the pandemic, this is not the first time this has happened.

With a number of new players at the club, the opportunity to socialise regularly would have helped build team spirit. However, given how we have been performing, it does not look like we are missing out on much.


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