Frank Lampard names the biggest lesson he’s learned in rollercoaster coaching career

It’s the international break, so a nice chance for those of us who care more about the club than the country to take a little look back at the season so far.

After a worrying start it couldn’t be going much better, and on the Chelsea official website Frank Lampard basically agrees.

In a long and detailed with the club site, the manager talks about the most important lessons he’s learned in his (less than) three years as a coach:

“Probably the one of personal relationships with the players and the group relationship you have with them,” Lampard explained.

“Trying to strike that right balance, because for me a high-performing group or team, it has to be a balance between being really positive but being slightly on edge.”

We’ve seen it time after time, even in his now famous interviews. He’s naturally a hard worker and a serious guy, but he doesn’t want to grind the players down, and he always wants to keep things light hearted too.

He wants to have a winning culture like Jose Mourinho had, and forge a strong team in the same way – but without the toxic fallout.

He’s only just getting started at the top level, and every passing season will help him find a happy medium between the two extremes.

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